internships_3tSince 1996, the non-profit Cultural Association “Reading Retreats in Rural Italy” has hosted over 70 interns from several countries. We organize cultural events and courses year round, and operate as a kind of bed and breakfast for bibliophiles. We have four guest rooms for a maximum of 10 guests at a time. Our new location, Corte Eremo, is only five kilometres from Mantua, a true Renaissance gem of a town in northern Italy, not far from Verona.

Between 2003 and 2012 we were located in a medieval castle north of Bologna, the Castle of Galeazza, but on May 20th 2012 a severe earthquake destroyed the castle which forced us to move. The castle is now uninhabitable and no plans are yet being made for its restoration. With the help of two interns – one from Australia and another from Japan, we cleared out all we could from the castle – over 6,000 books and 200 paintings and drawings by contemporary artists. internships_2tWe are starting over in a new property, and, as before, appreciate the help of volunteers.

Interns help in many ways, normally working about 6 hours a day for 5 days a week. The other two days may be spent touring around the region on daytrips (Venice, Verona, Bologna, Garda Lake) or going further away and returning the next day from Florence, Rome, or a short stay in the Alps.

internships_7tOur association is based in a farmhouse, and interns help in whatever ways they can – cooking, cleaning, gardening, mowing the lawns, entertaining guests, grocery shopping, advertising on internet, feeding the goats and dogs, and preparing for events such as concerts, book signings, art exhibitions, or Italian courses.staying_9t

If you would like to apply for an internship at Corte Eremo, please send your CV and letter of interest to We accept applications year round!


Reading Retreats in Rural Italy was created for book lovers – the perfect place where people could relax, unwind, eat good food, and spend lots of time in the garden. The best thing about helping at Corte Eremo is you’ll be in a charming┬áhome surrounded by the beauty of art, music, and nature. You will meet interesting people from all over the world. internships_4tThen there is also the fantastic location, Corte Eremo is surrounded by acres of private land – inside our gates there are extensive lawns, trees, and flowers – yet we are just a short bicycle ride into one of the most beautiful towns in Italy – Mantua. Mantua (Mantova in Italian) is surrounded on three sides by lakes, so the natural world as well as the art and architecture of this area are just stunning. Travellers who come to Corte Eremo are of any age and walk of life. Some stay for two nights, others for two weeks. The house is full of books – about 3,000 in English, 2,000 in Italian, and 1,000 in a mix of German, French, Spanish, Latin, and Greek. We also have two pianos – one in the farmhouse and one in the villa. It’s a special place where you’ll be happy to know your help is making a big difference and is appreciated by everyone around you.