Staying Here

IMG_4625General information, the FAQs and the Facts are below. If you think you might like to stay at Corte Eremo, but want to know more, please also check out our “get a feel for the place” page entitled The Four Seasons

  • Corte Eremo is open all year round.
  • There are four guest rooms (for a maximum of ten guests). IMG_0200Each room contains hundreds of books and original contemporary art.
  • There are no rooms with private bathrooms.
  • Corte Eremo has a large park and private woodland.
  • Facilities include the library, CD collection, two pianos, a small fleet of old bicycles, and free parking.IMG_0325
  • Everyone prepares meals and eats together, usually traditional Italian food and local wine.
  • Wine is included with meals, but if guests would like a steady stream of cocktails and after-dinner drinks, they should bring their own.
  • Reservations may be made by IMG_0185e-mail:
  • Corte Eremo is located on the plains of northeastern Italy, about 10 minutes southwest of Mantova, 45 south of Verona, and 50 minutes of Modena.
  • Part of the association’s section of the farmhouse is heated. This includes the library, kitchen, and two bathrooms. IMG_0089Guest rooms have portable gas heaters as well as electric bed warmers. No matter what we do, though, winter in Corte Eremo is cold; it is an old house with old windows and doors.
  • Children of any age are allowed to stay at Corte Eremo if their parents make reservations IMG_0018before other guests, and then those who want to come during that period are warned there will be children around. If other guests already have rooms reserved, children are not allowed. Families should make reservations early to avoid disappointment.
  • Pets are not allowed on the DSCN4305property.

Climate Many people interested in visiting Corte Eremo ask us what the weather will be like when they are here. The chart below gives an idea of average high and low temperatures (in degrees Fahrenheit) for each month of the year.

Month Max Min Month Max Min
January 45.0 F (7 C°) 28.0 F (-2 C°) July 85.1 F (29 C°) 68.1 F (20 C°)
February 48.7 F (9 C°) 31.7 F (0 C°) August 84.3 F (29 C°) 67.3 F (19 C°)
March 57.0 F (14 C°) 40.0 F (4 C°) September 77.4 F (25 C°) 60.4 F (16 C°)
April 65.7 F (19 C°) 48.7 F (9 C°) October 67.0 F (19 C°) 50.0 F (10 C°)
May 72.5 F (22 C°) 55.5 F (13 C°) November 56.1 F (13 C°) 39.1 F (4 C°)
June 80.6 F (27 C°) 63.6 F (17 C°) December 47.8 F (9 C°) 30.8 F (-1 C°)

IMG_0135If you’re afraid of the cold or draughts, you might want to consider visiting between April and October. Before making a booking, please also read through our page entitled The Four Seasons to help you decide if the Corte Eremo is the right place for your holiday. It’s very much a private home, and not at all a hotel or even bed and breakfast.