Getting Here

the main gate of Corte EremoCorte Eremo is located in the town of Eremo di Curtatone, a ten-minute drive south-west of Mantova. Guests arriving from outside Italy can fly to Verona’s “Valerio Catullo” airport (VRN) or to the airports of Venice “Marco Polo” (VCE) Treviso “Sant’Angelo” (TSF) Bologna “Guglielmo Marconi” (BLQ) all less than a two-hour journey to Mantova.

Cost Estimates Budget travellers: Beware of the fast trains! Many new high-speed options are great if you’re in a hurry, but avoidable for travellers who don’t mind arriving an hour or two later and saving 25 euro or more. The website for Italian trains is – the tiny “english” option is hiding up there in the top right corner. Trains from Verona to Mantova: The regional train which runs every hour (6:30 am to 9:30 pm) from Verona’s “Porta Nuova” main station to Mantova takes 46 minutes, and, as of January 2013, costs 3.30 euro. Bologna to Verona: Regional trains take 90 minutes and cost 8.90 euro, while the “frecciargento” (silver arrow) zips you to Verona in 50 minutes, but costs 23 euro for a second class ticket.

Need a ride to Corte Eremo from the Station in Mantova? A taxi is quick and easy and will cost you 15-20 euro, give the taxi driver a printout of the DIRECTIONS TO CORTE EREMO, or make plans in advance to see if Clark is able to pick you up in Stan the Van. Here’s how it works: A) Plan a pick-up time with Clark at least a day in advance by e-mail: then B) Call Corte Eremo 0376 26 96 17 when you arriveĀ in Mantova, and Clark will be there in 15 minutes. Trains aren’t always on time here, so planning a meeting time before you arrive is difficult. C) After 10 minutes or so have passed, please wait on the porch or steps outside the station. About Stan the Van: He’s a white FIAT “Scudo Combinato” made in 2002, and he transports up to nine people.

Arriving by car? Drive slowly and try to find The Mystery Street: Via Eremino! Mail arrives here almost every day, the street is well indicated with signs at each end, and once you’re on Strada Eremo you’ll easily find Villa Eremo and then Via Eremino, no problem, but the little gravel lane named Via Eremino is not on maps, and will not appear on satellite navigation systems. Put “Strada Eremo 10, Curtatone (Mantova)” in as your destination to get as close as you can. The post code is 46010. Please drive slowly on Strada Eremo. It’s paved, but isn’t really wide enough for cars to pass in two directions, so if you meet up with another car you both have to squeeze off the road a bit.

Strada Eremo is a favourite country lane for walkers, joggers and bicyclists from Mantova and the surrounding area. All of my guests use it, too, so please don’t kill them or knock them into the deep ditches on the side of the road. If you’ve arrived and parked at the big gates and see the villa on Strada Eremo: Close, but no cigar, please don’t ring the buzzer because it rings in the villa, and I can’t hear it. Back up and turn left, following the hedge of the Corte Eremo Property. Take the first right onto a little road called Via Eremino, and again the first right to the tree-lined driveway.

Gate locked? Please call 0376 – 26 96 17 (the number is also on the gate next to the rusty little mailbox if you forget to write it down) You could also shout if you see someone, or beep your car’s horn in a freindly way. Luna and Pippo, the Corte Eremo dogs, will probably get there before I do. Google Maps