IMG_0135Dear friends,

This page is for anyone interested in helping the association get settled into Corte Eremo and start over. The earthquakes of May 2012 forced us to leave the Castle of Galeazza (Crevalcore, BO), but we were fortunate enough to find a new location and start over only a few months later. This was possible through the generosity of the Morelli Coghi family of Milan, who own Corte Eremo, and the financial help of nearly 100 members from several different countries. 30 August  2013 028The association was, from the first earthquake of May 20th, 2012 until the opening of Corte Eremo in late September, without a seat or any income other than your donations. What arrived was enough to save us, and bring us to a new and beautiful location. Starting over will obviously not be easy for any of the thousands of businesses, associations or families that lost their properties or homes in the earthquakes.

Lots of cleaning and construction work at Corte Eremo have turned the place around in only a summer. It’s not just livable, it’s already beautiful. 27 april 2013 021Still more needs to be done, and to do anything here I need you – guests, members, and friends, to particpate. Please come back whenever you can or send your friends our way. You already know: we’re just the right place for travellers and certain groups of friends looking for a retreat, but Corte Eremo, like the castle or villa before it, is not an ideal home for tourists.

In the meanwhile, please also remember Reading Retreats, even if you aren’t able to visit every year. For 10 euro you can renew your annual membership. You just need to send me a message at and I’ll send you the new Corte Eremo form to fill out on-line. It takes a minute, not more. You can send your membership fee or donation of any amount through the PayPal link below, or by using the bank details mentioned below that.

For bank transfers, please use the following information: Clark Anthony Lawrence Account number: 1000/00002689 CARISBO (Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna) Branch: 05031 Via Matteotti, 141 – 40014 Crevalcore (BO) IBAN: IT78 T063 8536 7901 0000 0002 689 BIC: IBSPIT2B